Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thankgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!...

...who knows when I will do this much posting again (haha)!

Grace had her third birthday party...Can you guess the theme? Avery was greeting people at the door...We had our friend Jenn dress up as Cinderella. Grace was in awe! I never thought as a parent I would go to the extremes for my 3 year old, but I cannot get over the way her reality works, and how she really believes what she sees! I understand a little better about how we should all have a "child like" faith. I love watching my kids grow up and go through their different stages...This one is a blast!

Halloween is way more fun when you have kids that love to dress up!! Grace thought that she was Cinderella, and Avery was not missing out on the trick-or-treating! Dave went to an after party and was a good lookin' mime!

Okay, I am catching up...Avery turned one in September. Time flies when your having fun! It is really interesting to watch the two girls and how different they are. Grace has turned out to be a social butterfly, and Avery is quite shy and takes a while to warm up to people...but they are both so sweet and have silly little personalities!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well we caved and could not resist taking Grace on her first Disneyland trip that she can talk about. It was so much fun. Dave and I left Avery to have fun with Grandma and did not tell Grace where we were going until we got in the car and started on our trip to Anahiem. She had been asking daily for a while to meet the princesses and go to the "happiest place on earth." It was very memorable for us anyway to watch her look at the characters and buildings as if they were real! We visited Toon Town and she kept wanting to see Mickey's bed and use Goofy's potty...it was pretty funny. She did meet the princesses (which we stood in line for almost 2 hours for) and she was in awe. She was disappointed not to meet Cinderella so her souvenier was a Cinderella doll. She took the doll on "Its a small World" (twice) and made sure Cinderella could see all of the characters on the ride. She would hold her up and ask if she saw what she was seeing...it was adorable. That was one of our favorite parts of the day. She made it through the electric parade and saw the fireworks. We walked to our hotel and she was passed out!! We can't wait until Avery is old enough so we can do it all over!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi to all our family and friends...
Just wanted to update you on how big our kids are getting...Grace is going to be 3 in November (and acting very much like a 3-year old) and Avery is going to be 1 in September...Crazy how time flies...We have been having lots of family time this summer with going to the coast, going to the lake, and just hangin' out at home...Grace loves to paint, and help mom with the the ongoing projects at home. Her latest is that she really likes to sit on the counter and watch me cook, and do little day to day things...Avery is so content, and is very low maintenance...and she loves her big sister! I (Katie) am very busy in summer school trying to complete my masters in administration, and Dave is plugging away at building his business at Smith Barney. We are blessed with a healthy family and will continue to keep posting updates (but I can't promise how often):)